Friday Summary

Today I was scheduled for a long run. It’s the very first long easy run in my schedule this year, and so to make sure I build up slowly and carefully, I was… Well, slow and careful. I ran for 60 minutes, and I broke it up into 9 minutes running / 1 minute walking. (I think in the 60 min I did just over 5.1 miles — about a 12:00/mi pace, which is very slow, but a) walking and b) that’s the point.)

Yeah, that’s pretty slow. It’s a mental game. I always feel like I should be going faster, pushing harder – I feel like a slacker if I go super slow, or a cheater if I walk. But I know this method works now, and: I really don’t want to injure myself again like I’ve done before. I have had enough injuries this year!

By the end of the run I was pretty tired, but I didn’t hurt badly anywhere, and I felt like I could have done a little bit more — which is a good sign. It means I’m okay, and maybe I didn’t need the walking breaks; next week maybe I’ll do either 60 min constant run or 70 min same 9/1 pattern.

I was sure to stretch after and rub down my calves (with some generic bengay), and I paid extra attention to my ankle – it has been flaring up after runs. It did hurt after this one but no more than usual, so hopefully the run didn’t hurt it any more than life already does.

So 4 mi Tuesday, 5 mi today. Sunday I’ll do an easy run, and that’s my first training week.


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