Monday Summary and Week #02

I need to remember, as I am planning out my week, that if I run my weekend hard, I’m going to be really sore on Mondays. As long as I keep up with this plan, Mondays need to become official rest days. That may be hard this week with the traveling (or may not; I won’t know until I’m there), but I’m just too sore from weights and running to make it worth doing anything today other than some stretching. Lesson learned: if I’ve done it two weeks in a row, it’s probably worth noticing.

Wasn’t a great diet day either – it was lunch day at work and we went out for burgers. Basic deficit of zero on today. I can justify it a lot of ways — the best logic currently being that I was net 800 cals under yesterday (because of my workout) and eating big today helps keep my metabolism awake and on its toes — but I also just plain refuse to feel bad for a burger and fries. Healthefficiency is about lifestyle, things you can stick with. I go out to eat once a week. If it’s on a day I don’t happen to work out, I’ll have to deal. Plus… Burgers are delicious.

Tomorrow I hope to post the next part of my running / training plan bit… Since tomorrow’s a medium speed workout for me.


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