Week 02 Tuesday: 4 mi run

Today I had a 5 mile speedwork run on the books. Since I am still easing back into consistent running (after a very long period of no-more-than-10-mile weeks! whoooooooops), I decided to eliminate the speedwork portion of it and just go out for 5 miles. My goal was to do a very gradual pyramid-type run – slow, medium, hard, medium, slow – but scaling even that down a bit, so that it would be more like slow – medium easy – medium – medium easy – slow. My ankle is still bothering me and I am trying really hard to be really careful here.

However, I also ended up having a disagreement with my GPS on my phone, so the run was closer to 4 mi than 5 mi. I could have kept going, but the route I chose ended up having a major hill in it, so I decided that 4mi with a huge incline was a pretty suitable workout. Also it’s still hot here.

I want to do a post on running equipment in the future, but for right now: I run with two trackers. I have a Garmin FR-60 with a footpod and a heart rate monitor, and I have GPS on my phone which I track through runtastic. Usually they agree within 1-5%, which is good enough for me (clearly I am a professional). It’s a good combo pack for me – the Garmin is really accurate, records my HR, and can also track treadmill runs for me, and the GPS/runtastic will keep track of inclines and actual route, and does fun stuff like record the temperature and conditions (from local weather).

Usually when I run I use runtastic to keep track of miles/laps and any intervals/paces/tempos/distances I might be keeping track of. I have it set to a nice British lady who tells me, “One mile complete”, over whatever terrible Pandora channel I’m listening to at the time. The Garmin does a lot of that as well, but when I have music on it’s hard to hear the beep of the watch, is all.

This is kind of what happened last night; I had intended to use the GPS to control most of the pyramid run and just use the Garmin for backup and HR monitoring. So I was listening to the GPS/runtastic tell me how far I’d gone. It wasn’t until I heard it tell me I was running a 7-min mile that I started to go, really??  The GPS signal was just flickering on and off and eventually I turned it off completely and started paying attention to my Garmin watch for distance. I’d been confused by it and turned around at the 2-mi point (which I thought was 2.5-mi) and at that point, screw it, I’ll just be done at 4 mi. No big deal.

Running slow is depressingly hard for me right now. It’s difficult when I remember that over a year ago I ran a half marathon at a 10:00/mi pace, and under a year ago I ran my 8 mile leg at a 9:00/mi pace, and here I am shuffling through the local neighborhoods clocking 11:00, 11:30, 12:00/mile and having ankle pains. This is part of why I’m trying to write about training plans so much right now, because I know this is the way you get back in shape, and I know I’m doing this all smartly. But even if you know it there’s still that little part of you going, you are so slow. you are really slow. for real and being sad and angry about it.

Oh well. That’s what my LTA posts are about right now: not just sharing what I know, but reminding myself of what I know.

I leave this afternoon on my business trip. I’m hoping to get some kind of workout in tonight at the hotel; here’s hoping I manage.


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