I had my first real visit to a chiropractor yesterday. It turns out that what I have in my neck and shoulders that’s making it lock up with intense stabbing pain is an inflamed pinched nerve; it becomes aggravated due to misalignments in my spine, and it becomes inflamed, and then gets pinched between bones or ligaments or tendons or whatever is hurting that day. At least I’ve had it explained to me. Still don’t know what sets it off – my guess is stress – but I know what it is.

My feelings on the chiropractor are mixed. Of course I’m simultaneously trusting and leery of doctors – especially ones trying to sell me a treatment program upwards of $3K – and I won’t know for a few days whether this has helped or hurt. He cracked my neck and upper back – or, sorry, ‘realigned’ (dude, it felt like cracking, I can do that for free, yo). Then I got a short massage from the therapeutic masseuse and a short massage from electronic stil pads which was really cool. It felt different afterwards – I’m hoping “different” will mean “better,” since “similar” has meant “painful” for the last four weeks.

I’ll see in a couple days whether it’s improving or not. I’m not unwilling to go if it’s helpful; I’m just leery of treatments I have no experience with.

I know this has been more or less a workout blog so far, but I want to point out two things. Health is more than working out; it’s a whole-body situation, more than what you do in the gym and what you eat. And many people out there have injuries and disabilities; I want to share mine, to let people know that even if you have limitations, you can still have strengths.


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