Week 07 Progress


On Monday I hit the gym to do weights. I specifically didn’t want to work my upper body (see Tuesday), and I didn’t want to do too much with my legs because I was still sore from Sunday’s run, so I focused on core: abs and back. I did both machine weighted exercises and some bodyweight moves.


On Tuesday I went to see my doctor about my neck/back/shoulder issue. It isn’t that I don’t trust chiropractors – I just don’t fully trust chiropractors. I decided that after six weeks of up-and-down-but-constant-presence pain, I should see my doctor in addition to the chiro. He took some x-rays, gave me an NSAID, and wrote me a script for physical therapy which I had originally planned to ignore.

Today the doc called and said he wanted me to come in to discuss the x-rays. So I’m going to assume he found something.

Anyway, I didn’t really feel right doing anything on a day I’d had x-rays, and I’d worked out Sunday also, so Tuesday was a rest day.


Today I did a tempo run. 4.5 miles total, with 0.75mi warmup, 3 miles medium fast, and 0.75mi cool down. It sucked. I’m horribly out of shape at speedwork. I had to stop halfway through the tempo and walk it out to avoid an asthma attack. I really need to focus on running. I’ve got a 7.5 mi race in about 6 weeks!


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