Akron Marathon Relay time!

Sorry for the silence. When you’re down with an injury AND bronchitis, turns out there really isn’t much to post on your “workout blog”…

Tomorrow is the Akron Marathon Relay. I’m definitely not really prepared. This illness has kicked my butt; I haven’t run since last week Tuesday (10 days), and I haven’t done any kind of workout at all since last week Friday. I’m just… Still sick. The cough is still in my lungs, I’m still coughing up all kinds of nonsense, I’m not having a great time of it.

I’m still going to run tomorrow. My friends on my relay team know I’m sick. Honestly, it’s been a bad year for training and injuries for most of us, so our goal is just to do the best we can tomorrow and have fun. I’m not entirely looking forward to the race, but I know the overall experience will be fun. And once this is over, I can focus on healing myself and swimming more, now that I don’t have to put in those epic long runs…!

Anyway. Good luck to us!


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