Oh, and also: New Injuries

So, I’ve also got tendonitis. Again.

I was really hurting when I finished my 7.5 mi leg; I basically handed off the relay bracelet, made my way through the crowd, sat down and had an asthma attack, and then got on the bus back to the stadium to meet the rest of my team. In retrospect, this was a horrible idea, but I didn’t have a lot of brainpower left; I will remember to do a much better cooldown next time, for sure!

By Sunday, I could barely walk, and it has carried over to today. I have peroneal tendonitis. The outsides of my foot, heel-side (right below the knobby bit on the rear outside of your foot), just feel awful every time I try to put any weight on them.

I’ve been icing as much as I can, and I’m taking NSAIDs, and if it hasn’t gone away in a day or two I’ll go off to the doctor.

Can I please not be injured for, like, maybe a week? :/


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