Blog Hiatus

Since this blog never really got too far off the ground, it shouldn’t be surprising, but for right now I’m going to suspend the blog. I have way too many injuries I’m fighting, and my focus has definitely shifted onto learning how to stay healthy with such a broken body — general tips on health efficiency aren’t working for me any more because of all the additional concerns and problems I have to deal with. I may start a new blog for this, and if I do, I’ll share it here. 


Monday Swim Workout: 2300m/50min

I’ve been getting swim workouts from – it’s a website that creates free detailed workouts based on your ability level and desired strokes/drills/etc. I’ve been doing the shorter ones (~1800m, 30-45 min) but yesterday I wanted a fuller cardio workout, so I did a longer one. The full workout was 2300m in 50 min. I did most of the 50-free on 1:00 (~45sec + 15sec rest), and my 100-frees were ~1:30-1:40 pace. I really am a much better swimmer than I am a runner.

Anyway, I’m posting the workout here just for my own records. 

I continue to be amazed at how good swimming feels: it’s a hard workout, definitely – I get out of the pool and my entire body has the shakes – but I’m not in pain, my lungs aren’t on fire, my ankle doesn’t hurt and my back feels no worse than when we got in the pool. It’s an incredible feeling. I may be over running for good.


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Oh, and also: New Injuries

So, I’ve also got tendonitis. Again.

I was really hurting when I finished my 7.5 mi leg; I basically handed off the relay bracelet, made my way through the crowd, sat down and had an asthma attack, and then got on the bus back to the stadium to meet the rest of my team. In retrospect, this was a horrible idea, but I didn’t have a lot of brainpower left; I will remember to do a much better cooldown next time, for sure!

By Sunday, I could barely walk, and it has carried over to today. I have peroneal tendonitis. The outsides of my foot, heel-side (right below the knobby bit on the rear outside of your foot), just feel awful every time I try to put any weight on them.

I’ve been icing as much as I can, and I’m taking NSAIDs, and if it hasn’t gone away in a day or two I’ll go off to the doctor.

Can I please not be injured for, like, maybe a week? :/

Akron Marathon Relay time!

Sorry for the silence. When you’re down with an injury AND bronchitis, turns out there really isn’t much to post on your “workout blog”…

Tomorrow is the Akron Marathon Relay. I’m definitely not really prepared. This illness has kicked my butt; I haven’t run since last week Tuesday (10 days), and I haven’t done any kind of workout at all since last week Friday. I’m just… Still sick. The cough is still in my lungs, I’m still coughing up all kinds of nonsense, I’m not having a great time of it.

I’m still going to run tomorrow. My friends on my relay team know I’m sick. Honestly, it’s been a bad year for training and injuries for most of us, so our goal is just to do the best we can tomorrow and have fun. I’m not entirely looking forward to the race, but I know the overall experience will be fun. And once this is over, I can focus on healing myself and swimming more, now that I don’t have to put in those epic long runs…!

Anyway. Good luck to us!

Weekly Summary / Weekly Plan

This week has been a strange balance of renewed motivation and further illness. On one hand, I joined Fitocracy, set up workout challenges with my friends, started developing a weight training plan for/with my roommate, and overall felt a lot more motivated and excited about getting to the gym in general.

On the other hand, I have bronchitis, and have for a full freaking week. I couldn’t really take work off because this is a week of big meetings, so I was just drugging myself and hoping the cough would go away. I guess it explains why last Tuesday’s run was so awful! I went to a minute clinic on Friday, and yeah, bronchitis. In a bad way.

The Akron Marathon Relay is in 12 days, so I’m trying to balance “getting better” with “putting in that last little bit of training as much as I can because the last 8 weeks have been so horrible for me and I’m already going to suck at this run.”

Last week:

  • Tues: PT + Ran 5 mi
  • Wed: Weights (legs mostly), Swim 20min
  • Fri: PT + 35 min elliptical (because bronchitis)
  • Sat: 1 mi warmup run + weights (arms mostly)
  • Sun: 6 mi easy run + various weights

This week’s plan:

  • Mon: rest, hopefully get over bronchitis!!
  • Tues: run 4-5 mi, intervals
  • Wed: weights (legs mostly) + swim, 20-30 min
  • Thurs: rest
  • Fri: last 7 mi run before the marathon relay!
  • Sat: some weights (arms mostly)
  • Sun: 3 mi easy run / 20-30 min swim

I am so close to this race, and then afterwards, I’m free from running and I can do whatever I want to (swimming… all the time…)


So I’ve been keeping this blog for two months now. I realize I’m not doing a very good job of being social – browsing blogs, reading other workout blogs, trading comments, etc. Part of this is that I’m usually using WordPress on my iPhone, through the app — which makes it easy to reply to comments that are already there, or to read blogs you’re already connected with, but isn’t so fab for finding new things — and part is that I’m just busy, and I don’t have tons of time to troll the Internet looking for fun healthblogging friends.

That doesn’t mean I’m not interested, though! I love to chat and communicate and trade ideas. So if you’re thinking of leaving a comment or want to talk, please do!

One of these days I’ll have a “Runners / Swimmers / Lifters / General Healthers Friending Meme.” Until then… I’ll stick with the people who have already come across my little path here, haha, and just work on continuing to blog all the time!