Current Health Stats

I’m a 30 year old lady. I’m 5’5″ and today (01 July 2012) I weigh 145 lb.

Health Issues and Injuries

I have asthma. My asthma has three severe triggers: intense exercise, cold, and cigarettes. As you might imagine, this makes it hard to train as a runner. It makes any type of HIIT difficult.

I’m hypoglycemic, which means that I have to eat frequently throughout the day to keep my blood sugar happy. No starvation here! I’m also chronically vitamin deficient, which means that no matter how much vitamin D or B12 I eat, my body just doesn’t absorb it. I have to intake orders of magnitude more of some vitamins in pill form every day just to keep my body functioning normally. The hypoglycemia and vitamin deficiency can combine, if I am not careful, to become a mild form of chronic fatigue.

I have arthritis in my feet. I’ve suffered severe arthritic trauma in both of my big toes just this year, which is why I am coming back into running as if I’ve never done it before — I haven’t in a while. I have to be careful while running; I also have to be careful with yoga, or with any high-intensity aerobic-type classes (like FIT or even BodyRock) with lots of jumping activity on the balls of the foot.

I have torn ligaments in both ankles, meaning both ankles are weak. They’ve been like that for over ten years, though, so as long as I’m careful, they don’t cause unavoidable issues.

I have some sort of issue in my neck and shoulders. It’s some sort of pinched nerve – muscle knot combination; it’s always tight and stiff, but occasionally something will set it off and it feels like I’m being stabbed with a red-hot knitting needle. If I don’t go home and rest-ice-heat it immediately, it gets so stiff and painful that I can’t turn my head, meaning I literally cannot drive a car. I’m currently working to diagnose this. I have no idea what it is, what causes it, how I can avoid making it do, or how to fix it once it has done.

I hate these physical maladies because they make my life a lot harder — but I’ve accepted that they’re a part of me, and I’m slowly learning to work with them while not letting them define me as an athlete.


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