Current Running Stats / Goals


  • 5K: 28:10
  • Half marathon: 2:10:56
  • Best Race: last leg of the Akron Marathon Relay
    • 7.9 mi in 71.4 min, or 9:04/mi pace for 7.9 mi
    • as part of a marathon relay team that completed the marathon in 3:47:21

This year:

  • 5K: 29:28. Run on 2 weeks of training, 8 weeks after a severe toe injury.

This year’s races:

  • Warrior Dash, OH II (3.1 mi + obstacles), end of August
  • Akron Marathon Relay, end of September: probably doing 7.5 mi leg
  • half marathon – depends on injuries

3 thoughts on “Current Running Stats / Goals

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    • I’m running the Akron Marathon relay! I was just looking through your blog – I live running on the Towpath as well. I live in Fairlawn, and the Akron stretch is gorgeous and flat. It’s a great place to train.

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