Akron Marathon Relay: The Results

There’s our team results! A marathon in 4:02. Not too bad, with a team of injured people, sick people, undertrained people, and undertrained sick injured people (yours truly).

My leg was leg #3. That’s 7.5 miles in ~74 minutes (the clock time includes a handoff, and my watch time included a lag as I worked my way out of the crowd). I’m… okay with it. I wouldn’t say I’m happy with a 10:00/mile pace since I ran a longer leg in 9:00/mi last year, but seeing as I ran 7.5 miles with bronchitis and a pinched nerve, after 10 days of complete inactivity due to said bronchitis, I think I’m more unhappy with being sick/broken than I am with the time itself. So, I’m okay with it.

My Garmin tracking of the race is here. Another thing to notice is that I started off way too fast. My first mile was a 9:17, and it just went downhill from there. That’s mostly my own fault; for some reason I thought if I started off at a faster pace I’d be able to keep it up for all 7.5 miles — NOPE. You’ll notice my speed just decays over the whole run; by the end of it I was feeling awful, my legs and lungs were both burning and I didn’t even have anything left for one final sprint. When people say start out slow and try to negative-split your races, they mean what they say! I wish I’d used the first mile or so as a warm-up and gone from there; the end of the race was hilly, and I could have used a little extra punch there, rather than one fast mile and then done.

However, it’s done now! Congrats to us for finishing with so many obstacles in our way, and here’s to being done with running (in terms of a training plan) for a little while — maybe my body can finally start to heal…!


The Warrior Dash (Ohio 2)

Last Sunday I did the Warrior Dash with a group of people from work. For those who may not know, the Warrior Dash is  a ~3.1-mile course with 10-12 “obstacles” you must complete to get through the course. It’s harder than a typical 5K that way, but it also isn’t straight running. We didn’t do it for a time – there were people in our group that couldn’t even run the entire thing – but it was fun to finish anyway.

I think the obstacles were a fair balance between “challenging” and “things most able-bodied people will actually be able to complete”. There were some water obstacles: one place with chest-high water and logs you had to climb over; one deep-water swim, only maybe 10 yards; some wading through streams and mud. There were a lot of climbing obstacles too: climb up these platforms then shimmy over the top and drop straight back down to the groups; a cargo net climb; a cargo net elevated parallel to the ground you had to crawl over; a tiny platform up against a wall with handholds over water.

They weren’t “easy”, but they weren’t death-defyingly physical. I didn’t feel like I wouldn’t be able to do any of them. Overall, I definitely think anyone in decently active shape would be able to finish the race. (We actually ran most of the race in-between obstacles, although we then did have to stop and wait for most of our group.) Anyone who sits around all day might have a little trouble – but may actually be able to complete the obstacles, with enough effort.

You definitely get dirty, though. The final event is a belly crawl through probably two feet of wet, slimy mud. there’s barbed wire over the top so you have to go through the mud, and it’s deep enough that you just get coated from about the chin down. I know part of the fun of the race is getting filthy but that just felt cheap. And the way they hose you down at the end isn’t great or efficient or anything. I don’t really mind mud, though, I’m just saying. 😛 My bathtub is still recovering!!

Overall it was a lot of fun. I wouldn’t mind doing another Warrior Dash and actually trying to race it! Although it was also fun going in a group, and it would be hard to ‘race’ as a group. It’s a fun race, and it’s hard, but it isn’t nearly as terrifying as they make it out to be. I recommend it!