The Line of Hypocrisy

Sometimes this whole health thing feels like I’m walking a thin line through a grey area.

I have these great goals – calories, macronutrient ratios, protein target, daily workouts – but they’re just goals, just words, just arbitrary numbers in a black hole, unless I make them actions and choices and targets. It takes motivation and commitment.

But then again, I don’t want to be that person who can’t go out for drinks after work. I like drinks.

The whole reason I started this blog here was to track a month or two of actual serious, dedicated effort, to see how much of a difference it actually makes. But because of that, every day I don’t do something feels like a wasted chance.

Do I want a month of seeing what it feels like to go 150%? Or do I want a month of a system I can actually maintain as a lifestyle?

And on the third (? Fourth?) hand… How can I go on and on about being healthy and “listen to your body” and then get mad at my body when it wants a rest day?

Health isn’t just physical. There’s mental pressure and stress that comes with this kind of thing – because health isn’t easy – and there has to be a balance, between the health gains you get by doing certain things and the energy you spend to get there.


What keeps you motivated? Are you a strict life-plan type or a more general lifestyle person?