Week #01 Summary

Here’s my workout summary for Week #01:

  • Mon: rest
  • Tues: 4 miles easy/moderate/easy (outside)
  • Wed: BodyRock W2D4
  • Thurs: weights (upper body, abs)
  • Fri: 5.1 mi / 60 min easy/slow run (treadmill)
  • Sat: BodyRock W2D5
  • Sun: 2 mi easy run (treadmill) + weights (legs, abs)

Total Week #01 mileage:  11 mi

Days weightlifting: 2 days

And in terms of eating, because health isn’t all about working out:

  • Weekly calorie balance: 2700 calories under maintenance for the week, ~385/day below maintenance target
  • Macronutrients: 45/27/28 carb/fat/protein (goal: 45/20/35)

So, week 1 in review.

My calorie levels are looking good; I don’t want to go much lower than this or I won’t actually build/maintain the new fitness I am working so hard at.  I know that after this first month I’m going to need to increase, to keep up with my increased weekly mileage, so for right now I am okay with the deficit.I could probably go a little bit higher, if I could get the macros right.

I really need to get more protein into my diet — without accompanying fat.Or carbs. This is tricky. I had a couple meals out this week, and I was relatively good, but it’s really hard to get those macros into the 45/20/35 range. And hilariously I “should” be at more like 40/20/40! oh well.

Workout-wise, I feel good about it. I managed to get in two days of pretty heavy lifting, and I got my three runs in. And I only had one rest day; I did at least a BodyRock on the other days. This is probably my favorite thing about BodyRock – it keeps me doing something on days I’d be much more likely to take off.

For week #02:

This is going to be tricky, because I’m going on a business trip from Wed-Fri. I’ll be down in Louisiana and I don’t know what the schedule’s going to be like or how the hotel gym is. So, I’m trying to make a plan that will incorporate that.

  • Mon: BR
  • Tues: 5 mi easy/tempo/easy run
  • Wed: hotel gym weights, or BR in hotel room
  • Thurs: rest (don’t know schedule)
  • Fri: 70 min long slow run (in the evening when I return)
  • Sat: BR
  • Sun: 2 mi easy run + weights

I know eating will be a little off when I am traveling with work people, so my only real hope is just to stick to it on days I have control over it. And try to pack some snacks.


Monday Summary + Meatballs

Well, I’ve already changed my weekly plan and it’s only the first day! However, I woke up really sore this morning and decided that heavy weightlifting was not a good idea. I realized I haven’t taken a rest day since last week Wednesday, and I did some full-body lifts at the gym on Saturday that I’m still feeling in my back — upper body was not a good idea today. So I’ve made today a rest day.

It works out, though, because this week’s work schedule is funny because of the holiday. It shouldn’t set me too far off for my weekly plans. Run Tues and Fri, weights Wed and Sat, BodyRock or rest the others.

Tonight I cooked up a crapload of meatballs to have all week. I wanted to make something that was high protein with lower carbs and fat, since pasta’s almost all carbs and my macronutrient ratios don’t leave me a lot of room for fat as it is. Here’s the recipe.

For the record: my recipes make buttloads of food. I love to cook, but my job is exhausting, so my favorite way to cook is to cook something awesome once, in a large enough amount that I can eat it for days. I know my recipes have shocked my friends before — this isn’t meant to be one meal’s worth! I’m cooking large!

Monday Meatballs

  • 1 lb 96% lean ground beef
  • 1 lb 94% lean ground turkey
  • 3/4 c ricotta cheese, part skim (you can use light or fat-free if you are really worried about your fat macros)
  • 2 eggs (can probably use egg white replacement if you’re concerned about macros)
  • 1/2 c bread crumbs. I use plain; use whatever you prefer
  • basil (I used ~1 tbsp of the stuff in the tube. Add to taste), salt and pepper to taste

Mix it in a bowl (WITH YOUR HANDS!!!). Spray down some glass cookware with PAM. Shape it into meatballs. Bake in the oven at 375F for 15-20 minutes, or until the insides are done.

Mine made 30 meatballs. each meatball:

  • 52 calories
  • 2.4 g fat
  • 1.5 g carbs
  • 7.7 g protein

Macronutrient ratios:

  • 3.2:1 protein:fat
  • 5.1:1 protein:carbs

(since my current macronutrient goals are ~1:1 P:C and 4:1 P:F, I am good on carbs but could maybe cut down the fat a little, if I wanted. Maybe next time I’ll try the FF ricotta and some egg replacements. Then again, I want them to be delicious…)

It feels good resting today, so I know I made the right decision. Tomorrow is a tempo run – my first in a while. I’ll be sure to take it as easy as I can!

Sunday Workout Summary

Today’s workout:

I started the BodyRock 30 Day Challenge last week – it’s 5 workouts a week, and I am on week 2, day 2. They offer Burn (high intensity intervals mixing body weight bearing exercises and body weight cardio type things), Sculpt (intervals of heavier weighted exercise or less cardio, more strength based stuff), and Flow (yoga-based intervals). So far I’ve only been doing Burn, and an occasional Flow – I prefer to do my own weightlifting rather than follow the Sculpt. It’s a good thing to have on a day I do not feel like doing anything – its easy to make yourself to just 12 minutes – or to add to a day like today, when the other workout ends up being an easy bit.

Welcome to Healthefficiency

I’m a researcher. If I spent as much time actually working out as I do reading about it, I wouldn’t still have tummy pudge. I love learning about things, but putting it into practice is the hard part. I’m an engineer, so I’m all about efficiency, and if I feel like I’m wasting my time, I stop doing things. This is a great way to suck at consistency. and when you’re trying to get into shape, consistency is key.

This is meant to be a journal which tracks my own exploration into getting healthy, losing weight, building muscle, and training for races — while acknowledging that I’ve got a full time job with a high stress load and a crappy schedule, a part-time graduate degree I’m meant to work on, some health issues to fight, and lots of other responsibilities, including “sleep” and “not getting so stressed I punch someone in the face.” I want to be accountable, even if it’s just to the anonymous Internet. I also want to share the stuff I’ve learned – by researching – and the stuff I’ve learned from experience.

Today is Sunday 01 July 2012, and it seems like the perfect start date for a first post. I’m setting up microgoals and macrogoals for myself — so first, let me explain what I’m working towards at the moment.

  • For my first month, I want to either lose weight or lose inches (losing pounds is not necessarily the same as getting thinner; I am okay with either). This means I’ll be trying to hit a small calorie deficit every day.
  • I am training for the Warrior Dash, which is at the end of August, so I’ll be trying to do weight training twice a week, and BodyRock (body weight HIIT-type exercise) a few times a week. This also means I am aiming for 35-40% of my calories through protein, or 1 g per bodyweight, especially on days I have done weights.
  • I am also training to run a 7.5 mi leg of a marathon relay, which is at the end of September. I’ve created a 12-week training plan using Runner’s World and my previous running experience. July will be the first month of this plan, and since I am recovering from an injury and moving into mid-minimalist running shoes, my goal this month is just to get slow base mileage back up.
  • I need to learn how to be consistent. It’s really difficult right now – I am really busy and really stressed, and fairly injured / in pain. However, that’s what BodyRock is for — the Burn workouts are only 12 minutes, but are enough of a challenge that they feel significant. On days I’m too burnt out to do a larger / longer workout, I can at least run an easy 2, or do 12 min of BodyRock.

So my Month One Macrogoals are

  1. Noticeable difference in body, either weight or inches
  2. Hit 12+ miles per week running to start off training
  3. stick with all workouts for this month (consistency is hard)

And my Week 01 Schedule is:

  • Sun: 2 mi easy run, BodyRock
  • Mon: weights (upper body)
  • Tues:5 mi tempo run
  • Wed: Rest
  • Thurs:BodyRock
  • Fri:6 mi long easy run
  • Sat:weights (legs)

This looks aggressive right now staring me in the face. But Wed/Thurs are easy — I’m exhausted from my job at that point, and I’ve found I skip workouts if they’re scheduled there, so I leave that as my “workout weekend” — and only 3 of the 13 miles have to be at any kind of speed.

We’ll see how I do.