Week #02 Summary

There’s my week #02! I took off Wednesday because I ended up resting instead. I didn’t modify today — I did 3 miles of recovery run instead of 2. I was feeling a little bit extra.

Total Week #02 mileage: 12.5 mi

Days weightlifting: 1 day only

And in terms of eating, because health isn’t all about working out:

  • Weekly calorie balance: 1759 calories under maintenance for the week, ~250/day below maintenance target
  • Macronutrients: 42/27/31 carb/fat/protein (week 01: 45/27/28) (goal: 45/20/35)

So, week 2 in review.

This week was harder because of the trip in the middle — I ate more/worse and skipped a workout. I don’t have a lot of choices for food when I am on a plant trip – you eat what they bring in for lunch; you go where they take you for dinner – so all I could really do was try to stay reasonable overall. And I was exhausted, so the scheduled BR workout just didn’t happen.

However, health is about maintenance, and I still managed to net a deficit on the week in calories, plus I did all of my miles (running is the priority right now). So it’s not too bad. This can be a bad point for me: week 2, just getting into habits, and the first roadblock hits, and I decide this isn’t a reasonable feasible maintainable plan and I toss it all out. I’m staying away from that attitude.

Plus, please note that even though my calorie total is higher, I had more protein this week than last week. Yeah!

For week #03:

There shouldn’t be any major upsets this week, except that I’m helping a friend repaint their basement on an admittedly tight schedule, so things may get shifted a night or two — but overall this is another week I should be able to execute.

  • Mon: BR or rest
  • Tues: 4-5 mi easy/tempo/easy run
  • Wed: weights (upper body), BR
  • Thurs: rest
  • Fri: 75 min long slow run
  • Sat: BR/yoga
  • Sun: 3 mi easy run + weights

Listing the LSR on Fridays as a time limit instead of a mile limit makes me feel better when I’m doing it — it doesn’t matter how slow I’m going, that way, I just have to go for a time. Here we go. 🙂


Week #02 Update

Well, as might be evidenced by the lack of posting, I wasn’t really able to work out while traveling.

I could beat myself up over it, or I could just acknowledge it and move on. I’ll count it as a rest period — in fact, I was asleep by 9:15 each night — and get back on track. Business trips are just a rough time, and I won’t always have the time or energy to stay on things.

But today – Friday – I did run for 65-70 minutes (some walking breaks for crossing streets and stuff, plus a Garmin/GPS bobble or two). About 5.5 miles – I’m not sure which tracker to trust, but it’s the time that matters on the long run. It was easier to do after two days of rest; maybe I need to be more careful planning rest days into this plan anyway. Maybe I did need it.

Week 02 Tuesday: 4 mi run

Today I had a 5 mile speedwork run on the books. Since I am still easing back into consistent running (after a very long period of no-more-than-10-mile weeks! whoooooooops), I decided to eliminate the speedwork portion of it and just go out for 5 miles. My goal was to do a very gradual pyramid-type run – slow, medium, hard, medium, slow – but scaling even that down a bit, so that it would be more like slow – medium easy – medium – medium easy – slow. My ankle is still bothering me and I am trying really hard to be really careful here.

However, I also ended up having a disagreement with my GPS on my phone, so the run was closer to 4 mi than 5 mi. I could have kept going, but the route I chose ended up having a major hill in it, so I decided that 4mi with a huge incline was a pretty suitable workout. Also it’s still hot here.

I want to do a post on running equipment in the future, but for right now: I run with two trackers. I have a Garmin FR-60 with a footpod and a heart rate monitor, and I have GPS on my phone which I track through runtastic. Usually they agree within 1-5%, which is good enough for me (clearly I am a professional). It’s a good combo pack for me – the Garmin is really accurate, records my HR, and can also track treadmill runs for me, and the GPS/runtastic will keep track of inclines and actual route, and does fun stuff like record the temperature and conditions (from local weather).

Usually when I run I use runtastic to keep track of miles/laps and any intervals/paces/tempos/distances I might be keeping track of. I have it set to a nice British lady who tells me, “One mile complete”, over whatever terrible Pandora channel I’m listening to at the time. The Garmin does a lot of that as well, but when I have music on it’s hard to hear the beep of the watch, is all.

This is kind of what happened last night; I had intended to use the GPS to control most of the pyramid run and just use the Garmin for backup and HR monitoring. So I was listening to the GPS/runtastic tell me how far I’d gone. It wasn’t until I heard it tell me I was running a 7-min mile that I started to go, really??  The GPS signal was just flickering on and off and eventually I turned it off completely and started paying attention to my Garmin watch for distance. I’d been confused by it and turned around at the 2-mi point (which I thought was 2.5-mi) and at that point, screw it, I’ll just be done at 4 mi. No big deal.

Running slow is depressingly hard for me right now. It’s difficult when I remember that over a year ago I ran a half marathon at a 10:00/mi pace, and under a year ago I ran my 8 mile leg at a 9:00/mi pace, and here I am shuffling through the local neighborhoods clocking 11:00, 11:30, 12:00/mile and having ankle pains. This is part of why I’m trying to write about training plans so much right now, because I know this is the way you get back in shape, and I know I’m doing this all smartly. But even if you know it there’s still that little part of you going, you are so slow. you are really slow. for real and being sad and angry about it.

Oh well. That’s what my LTA posts are about right now: not just sharing what I know, but reminding myself of what I know.

I leave this afternoon on my business trip. I’m hoping to get some kind of workout in tonight at the hotel; here’s hoping I manage.

Monday Summary and Week #02

I need to remember, as I am planning out my week, that if I run my weekend hard, I’m going to be really sore on Mondays. As long as I keep up with this plan, Mondays need to become official rest days. That may be hard this week with the traveling (or may not; I won’t know until I’m there), but I’m just too sore from weights and running to make it worth doing anything today other than some stretching. Lesson learned: if I’ve done it two weeks in a row, it’s probably worth noticing.

Wasn’t a great diet day either – it was lunch day at work and we went out for burgers. Basic deficit of zero on today. I can justify it a lot of ways — the best logic currently being that I was net 800 cals under yesterday (because of my workout) and eating big today helps keep my metabolism awake and on its toes — but I also just plain refuse to feel bad for a burger and fries. Healthefficiency is about lifestyle, things you can stick with. I go out to eat once a week. If it’s on a day I don’t happen to work out, I’ll have to deal. Plus… Burgers are delicious.

Tomorrow I hope to post the next part of my running / training plan bit… Since tomorrow’s a medium speed workout for me.