Week 05, Month 02: A Change Of Focus

Well, Month 01 came and went. I’m glad I started keeping this log of my work, because time just seems to fly by. I think this is part of my problem with keeping up consistency — I feel like I’ve only been doing this for a little while, and a whole month has gone by: 4 weeks of workouts that should be having effects by now.

For Month #02, I’m setting some different goals.

My weekly mileage is up to a good range for right now (~14 mi/week); the long race (7.5 mi) isn’t until the end of September. So for right now I want to keep the weekly mileage mostly the same, and up intensity by starting to add intervals, speedwork, hills. I intend to do speedwork on Tuesdays for about 5 miles (1mi warmup, 3mi workout, 1mi cooldown), a 75-90 min long slow run on Fridays (which will land me 6-8 miles depending on my speed and overall feeling), and the remainder on Sundays. If I’m feeling good, Sunday will be a different kind of speedwork (example: I may do intervals Sunday and a tempo run Tuesday) and if not, it’ll be a recovery run. If I’m feeling particularly sore I’ll replace Sunday with 30 min on the elliptical.

The focus for this month can’t be completely weight based because I’m still running so much (and I need to be), but I do want to focus more on picking back up my compound lift workouts and Bodyrock. My real goal is to start getting actually out of bed at 6 so that I can do a 12min Bodyrock before work every morning, but I’m very concerned about being able to stick with it because I’m an insomniac who hates mornings. Either way, I’d like to hit the weight room at least twice a week. Wed/Thurs and Sat/Sun, whichever works, but going back to the NROL4W plan and sticking with it consistently.

I can’t decide what to do with my diet. With weightlifting I shouldn’t be cutting to many cals, so I may aim for only ~250/day below my maintenance level. But then again I did better than that last month and didn’t lose a whole lot so what the hey. Maybe I shouldn’t worry as much about cals — new goal could be, get >140g of protein every day? If I’m under I’m under, and if not, oh well? I’ll think about this one.