Weekly Summary / Weekly Plan

This week has been a strange balance of renewed motivation and further illness. On one hand, I joined Fitocracy, set up workout challenges with my friends, started developing a weight training plan for/with my roommate, and overall felt a lot more motivated and excited about getting to the gym in general.

On the other hand, I have bronchitis, and have for a full freaking week. I couldn’t really take work off because this is a week of big meetings, so I was just drugging myself and hoping the cough would go away. I guess it explains why last Tuesday’s run was so awful! I went to a minute clinic on Friday, and yeah, bronchitis. In a bad way.

The Akron Marathon Relay is in 12 days, so I’m trying to balance “getting better” with “putting in that last little bit of training as much as I can because the last 8 weeks have been so horrible for me and I’m already going to suck at this run.”

Last week:

  • Tues: PT + Ran 5 mi
  • Wed: Weights (legs mostly), Swim 20min
  • Fri: PT + 35 min elliptical (because bronchitis)
  • Sat: 1 mi warmup run + weights (arms mostly)
  • Sun: 6 mi easy run + various weights

This week’s plan:

  • Mon: rest, hopefully get over bronchitis!!
  • Tues: run 4-5 mi, intervals
  • Wed: weights (legs mostly) + swim, 20-30 min
  • Thurs: rest
  • Fri: last 7 mi run before the marathon relay!
  • Sat: some weights (arms mostly)
  • Sun: 3 mi easy run / 20-30 min swim

I am so close to this race, and then afterwards, I’m free from running and I can do whatever I want to (swimming… all the time…)